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-Star Agency to apply via Myanmar – 1 for the landscaping surrounding Myanmar. (Pick up / accountant) 8 – 30 – 24 ~ – – salary around $ 150,000 a day to a week + + – – * weekend
– around the age of 34 ~ 47
-> – without salary instead of $ 7,500 week 100000+ +…> – * / casual leave a day 6 days a week
license (red / black) Auto; Menural drive.> – around 35 ~ 40 years old – – salary 180000 + + – – at one day of the week *
around the near-ideal price / Thingangyun Township in Myanmar – around 20 ~ 30 years old br /> – basic 80,000 80,000 +…
– basic $ +…

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